Project Description




  • Insurance Industry
  • To deliver Hosted Telephony,SIP Trunk, Contact Centre Technology & Microsoft Teams Integration for our client.

  • Deliver CC systems supporting our client’s PCI compliance

  • Call recordings stored in line with GDPR.
  • Integration to MS Teams.
  • Healthcare

  • Designed, project managed and delivered best-in-class IPT, contact centre, hosted telephony and data infrastructure solutions.
  • Client internal KPI’s achieved due to an increase in end user customer satisfaction.
  • Full secure infrastructure for business critical operations and holding of customer data.
  • Projects all delivered on time and on budget with the minimum disruption to their operations.
  • Ongoing 24/7 support and maintenance for our clients.


VEI Global has extensive experience in delivering critical enterprise IPT solutions to public and private sector organisations throughout Ireland, the EU, and the U.S.

We help businesses achieve their competitive edge by advancing their use of communications technology. The past twenty months have changed how organisations of all sizes and in all sectors, work, forever. As the pandemic spread globally, businesses were forced to adapt quickly to remote working, whilst still retaining an enterprise-class IT solution that would support employees working both internally and those now working from home.

Over the years, our team has developed extensive skillsets with multiple telecom providers and considerable integration experience with Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) platforms including Microsoft Teams. VEI’s Cloud platform gives organisations of all sizes affordable, flexible access to the latest Enterprise-Class tools.

All of these technologies are backed up with a 24/7 support helpdesk, which is matched with each client’s requirements to include proactive monitoring, managed support services & onsite resources.


Patrona Underwriting Limited is a dynamic and flexible underwriting agency based in Ireland. The company provides tailored insurance products to the Irish market exclusively through a network of brokers. Personal interaction with its customer base is a key feature of Patrona’s broker relationships and exceptional service and support to their customers is of key importance. VEI Global has had a close working relationship with Patrona Underwriting since we were awarded the contract to provide a hosted voice and contact centre solution five years ago.


Based on the specific requirements of our client, VEI Global deployed a private cloud hosted PBX to Patrona. We host the infrastructure in ISO27001 certified data centres. The system is responsible for call handling, contact centre queue and voicemail needs as applicable. The VEI platform is capable of supporting up to 120 concurrent call legs and up to 1,000 extensions per business. All voice call centre routing requirements are met by the queue application which provides all of the call centre statistics. The system is designed and built to support our client’s PCI compliance goals and is fully web administered and operated. Agents utilise a desk phone to link to the contact centre. Security, integrity and reliability are key issues for Patrona given the nature of its business and its data holding of thousands of customer’s details. Rigorous testing and built-in security provided by VEI Global’s platform, together with update notifications, supports the reliability and security of the customer solution within Patrona. The solution delivered is scalable and flexible and is compatible with most hardware and virtual environments. The system has a browser-based GUI interface that facilitates easy system changes and maintenance. The solution has the ability to integrate with the O365 suite and VEI was chosen to integrate the customer’s solution into MS Teams. The implementation of which, has provided a safe, robust remote working solution for our client’s team, allowing their employees to work from home using the existing contact centre technology.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how businesses can come to rely on robust and remote communications. With so many people working from home, the deployment of communications and collaboration tools becomes a critical aspect of operations. It can also come with a few challenges, particularly when it comes to connectivity. Patrona, like a lot of businesses, has had to adapt to remote working, while still retaining an enterprise-class solution that supports employees working from home. Microsoft’s platform technologies are at the core of most operations for businesses today offering access to instant conference calls, collaboration and document sharing without compromising security. This is a radical change from the onsite office environment. However, one of the most common forms of communication between employees and external businesses is still the traditional phone. Patrona’s business is highly reliant on personal phone contact with its customers. VEI worked with Patrona to successfully integrate their existing telephony infrastructure with MS Teams. This allows for internal and external calls to be placed at any time and from any location. The integration of their phone system with MS Teams offered Patrona huge benefits including:

  • All their communications and collaboration tools are within one window view.
  • Ability to have conference calls remotely for Team meetings.
  • Delivered considerable cost savings and significantly increased productivity.
  • Ideal for remote workers on any device; all that is required is a compatible headset.
  • Easier communication for teams across the entire organisation, while keeping a fully featured phone system.
  • High level of system security that is centrally managed for ease of administration.

Patrona’s project to integrate its phone system was made easier by having a highly skilled and experienced team to manage it with them. VEI Global took care of multiple aspects of the deployment for our client, evaluating their current needs and ultimately providing Patrona with a single platform for all of their communications and collaboration. This left Patrona time to focus on what mattered most—its attention to its customers and business growth.

“Working with VEI Global has enhanced the Patrona Underwriting customer journey while simultaneously optimising our contact centre’s efficiency. VEI Global has delivered a highly customised and customer-centric solution for our business. The benefits are wide-reaching. Working towards full PCI compliance and meeting all-important GDPR regulations were key objectives of this project. We also required the new system to enhance our overall operating efficiencies. It is a testament to the success of this partnership that we extended the scope to include a full integration to Microsoft Teams.” 

Darragh Coffey – Group IT Manager – Patrona Underwriting


VEI Global specialise in the delivery of IT and Telecoms solutions including; Wi-Fi, LAN/WAN/SD WAN, IPT, Contact Centre, UC&C, Circuit Connectivity. Our clients include some of the largest Global Service Providers and Systems Integrators. We have completed Digital Transformation and Network upgrade Projects for some of the most recognised brands in the world. Working with clients such as Patrona Underwriting has allowed our experienced IPT team to develop extensive skillsets with multiple telecom providers and considerable integration experience with UC&C platforms including Microsoft Teams. VEI can take care of all voice requirements as a fully managed service, including VoIP and internet connectivity, as required.

Key Metrics Achieved

“The systems that support a PCI-compliant contact centre are in place and all call recordings stored in line with GDPR. · Robust contact centre delivering reliable and secure call handling, queuing, and answering, around the clock for both remote working and office-based agents. · A built-in additional capacity of up to 1,000 extensions ensures the system is future-proofed for the growth and expansion of the business.” 

Darragh Coffey – Group IT Manager – Patrona Underwriting

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