The next generation of wireless standard Wi-Fi 6 is built for both speed and performance, and its timing couldn’t be better. The Wi-Fi Alliance finalized the standard in 2019 and Wi-Fi 6-enabled hardware was released throughout 2020. The latest Wi-Fi standard offers faster data transfer speeds, whether that’s at a packed stadium, in a device-loaded home or in a bandwidth reliant business environment.  Our need for all things internet shows no signs of slowing.  Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report predicts there will be nearly 27 billion connected devices by 2026 – with almost every object around us connected..

The Benefits of Wi-Fi 6

Our Need For Speed

It does exactly what it says on the tin. As you might expect that’s internet speed. Faster Wi-Fi. Higher transfer speeds allow connections that are up to 40% faster with Wi-Fi 6, as compared to its immediate predecessor, Wi-Fi 5. That’s if you are using a Wi-Fi router with a single device.  This speedier data transmission rate is achieved through a very efficient data encoding system, where more data is packed into radio waves. Not only that but the chips that take care of encoding and decoding these signals have become more powerful with Wi-Fi 6.

The More Devices The Merrier

One of the great improvements in Wi-Fi 6 is the implementation of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA). This technology classifies a wireless channel into sub-channels, each of which carries data to and from a range of devices.

Compared to previous generations, Wi-Fi 6 works far better in higher-density environments and supports the increased capacity of devices with the added benefits of improving device battery life and higher data transfer speeds.

Improved Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology allows the deployment of more antennas on a device which enhances communication between connected devices. WiFi 6, allows connected devices to respond to access points. Communicating with more devices at once makes the new generation of Wi-Fi ideal for public areas such as stadiums, retail settings and airports.

Seamless Video Conferencing

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how much we rely on robust remote communications to carry out day to day tasks online. With so many people working remotely and the structures of our working life set to change permanently, video conferencing is a critical tool for both connection and communication. Interruptions caused by internet lags and delays are frustrating and hamper the flow of meetings and online conversations. With Wi-Fi 6, that is no longer the case, as the connectivity speeds and power are there to allow smooth and consistent video conferencing at 4K resolutions.

First Wi-Fi 6 Installation in Ireland

VEI Global are proud to have been part of one of first Wi-Fi 6 installations in Ireland. Together with our partners in Aruba, VEI Global delivered an advanced IT infrastructure for Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) which underpins and supports the university’s cutting-edge digital learning platform. The student body enjoy a full digital education experience, roaming throughout the entire campus and seamless Wi-Fi 6 access to even the heaviest cloud based platforms. The university has achieved the highest standard in digital network infrastructure and has set the benchmark for Ireland’s third level institutions.

VEI Global work with our clients around the country and around the world on a wide range of Wi-Fi services. Our Best Practice Wi-Fi Implementation Programme is deployed and our experts take on the responsibility for ensuring that your Wi-Fi systems run smoothly day to day and are on hand to offer support around the clock.

A highly skilled and experienced IT team such as VEI can support businesses with all aspects of Wi-Fi and IT infrastructure projects, from reviewing your requirements, identifying the right solutions to suit your requirements and budget, right through to deployment and ongoing systems maintenance.  This leaves you free to focus on what matters most—your business growth.

Please contact us to learn more about our IT solutions and discover how we can help your business stay fully connected.